Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We have our visas and we are heading home!!!

In front of the conuslate with our Visas!
Woohoo! All went well at the consulate and little Phoebe is now a US permanent resident. Just one question, how old was she? Other than that is was sign 3 forms and pay for our visa and get instructions on the packet we had. Someday I would like to know why it takes the family 2 trips for the child to be a US citizen immediately upon landing, do you think we would change our minds once we had her in the states after all we’ve gone through? How blessed we are to have our child in hand however and to enfold her into our loving arms. It is the most wonderful feeling to have a new baby in the family, it makes us want to go back for more!! There were a ton of adoptive parents there both from Kyrgyz but mostly from Kazak, after hearing how long the Kaz adoptions had to stay I can’t say much about how long we were here.
We had wanted to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch but it conflicted with our appointment at the Embassy. As we were picking up our visas we saw some of the consulate workers peeking out the window to see the entourage.
China Olympic torch bearer
Excited for the Parade
Parade Route
We were able to move the Hallaway family into our hotel, I now understand why they couldn’t put them up the other nite. All the fuss over the Olympics and I think most of them stayed at our hotel. What we don’t understand is why the Kazzhol, even though they had reservations through the 3rd of April this week, told them they no longer had reservations the night of the 2nd. That is not good PR. Thank God they were able to get in here but it took a bit of fuss.
Altogether at the Intercontinental
Tomorrow am we have to get up at 4 am, take the hotel shuttle to the airport and leave Kaz Lord willing at 720 am. I can hardly wait. I’ll have to say it was harder the second time around, all we really wanted to do was go home after we had her. There wasn’t anything that new that was worth staying around for. And our hearts aches for our son whom we’ve missed tremendously not to mention our puppies. For now we are headed to down to the Asian CafĂ© for a celebratory dinner! Don't forget to scroll down for a post I just published before the short story that you may have missed!
Phoebe too excited to go home!
Can't I ride in the plane?
WE need to rescue our son:)


Jackie said...

Yayyyy!!!! That suitcase pose with Phoebe looks so familiar ;) What memories...

Have a safe flight and talk to you soon. x

Roxanne said...

We're praying for a safe and good trip home--of course any trip home to see your little guy would be a good fact, a GREAT trip!!:o)

Margaret & Tom said...

Yeah! You are on the plane as I type this, I am so glad and am praying for your safe travels home. Love the pics of Phoebe in the suitcase, and the best is Michael the "chef"...You are going to have your hands full, such fun!

SCmartins said...

We have enjoyed following your journey! You have such a beautiful family! Have a safe trip home - we are praying for you!
Mark & Esther

Rachel said...

since i see the comments have now been posted on your site, i am guessing you are home (or at least in a different country and on wifi)! yea! i hope you had a wonderful trip and i know that first glimpse on michael was magical. welcome home!